A Tribute To A Real Leader – Sir Bobby Robson

Posted on September 22nd, 2009 · Filed under News

Aspiring football coaches and managers need look no further than Sir Bobby for a model of how to become truly great. On the pitch he led his teams to Championships in England, Spain, Portugal and Holland as well as his well documented success with England.

One client told me, “I was there on the first day at Newcastle for Dalglish, Gullit and Robson and it was clear from the moment he walked on the pitch that the players had more repect for him than the other two put together. When he spoke there was complete silence, players like Shearer, Speed and Given hanging on every word.”

Local journalists are full of stories about what a gentleman he was, but it is his players who really tell the story of what a great leader he was. It’s clear that he was able to inspire and motivate the great and the not so great to give their all for the cause. All this despite being from a completely different era, despite a less then perfect memory for names, despite the dawning of the age of the teenage millionaires in the game, players played for the gaffa because he made them feel like they wanted to.

If there were more like you I’d be out of a job Sir Bobby and I’l happily find another.

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