How Football Managers Lose Credibility

Posted on March 1st, 2010 · Filed under News

Over this weekend there have been even more examples than ususal of top managers making public comments that are not only unhelpful to others in the game but have a negative impact on their own credibility.

Messers Wenger and Martinez – both of whom I am a fan of – made strong comments about opposition players that contradicted with what fans, other players and managers could see for themselves on TV.

I know as well as anyone how difficult post match interviews are – after all we train clients to do them well. However when so much emotion is involved these are high profile examples of when taking a more neutral line immediately after the game would benefit everyone involved.

While Wenger has built up more than enough credibility to ensure these comments and the subsequent reaction from Tony Pulis will not have an impact on how he is perceived, I hope it’s a lesson to other managers and players to be sure of the message you want to get across before you the cameras roll.

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