How To Motivate Players?

Posted on October 3rd, 2009 · Filed under News

In watching various post match interviews this week you could be correct in assuming that the way to motivate your players is to immediately transfer list them all, to publicly criticise your back four which includes a 17 year old debutant or to announce on radio that your strikers couldn’t hit a barn door.

It doesn’t take an expert on human psychology to know that Micky Adams outburst after his team’s defeat against Notts County isn’t helpful in the short or long term. Nor is Phil Browns alledged admission that relationships are strained with his players following his comments after their defeat to Liverpool a great shock.

What is clear is that managers must be even more prepared and even more controlled when they go in front of the media after an emotional defeat.

When we coach clients on dealing with the media, we focus on their ability to instantly manage their state. In other words, get yourself calm in an instant before answering the question.

None of the managers highlighted have huge squads or big budgets, they have to work with what they have to get the best from them. They are experienced enough to know that players do go home and listen to radio interviews, watch Sky Sports and get messages from their mates, so why be so publicly negative?

Players do need a kick up the backside, and some more than others, but if you don’t understand how to do it constructively, it’s best not to do it in front of the nation.

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