What we do

Making the difference

Firstly we make a difference. We make a difference for individual clients, for their families and their clubs. We make a difference to careers, home lives and even bank balances.

We work with clients, usually on a one to one basis to support and develop them to achieve their specific goals. Until recently, most clients came to us when they had a problem – typically this would be a drop in form or as a result of a change in personal or professional circumstances. Over the past few years this has changed – and clients now come to us to make sure they make the most of careers and have support during the ups and downs.

To help our clients understand more about how we can help them, we have categorised what we do into four key areas:

  • Personal coaching for managers and coaches
  • Personal coaching for players
  • Specialist development to enable ex players to do what we do
  • Our e-guide for parents ‘How Not To Screw Up Your Kid’s Football Career Before It Has Even Started’

For anything else, please email richard@successinfootball.co.uk.

How We Are Different

We know that players are often nervous about working with their club’s sports psychologist, and we understand why. Here are some of the advantages is working with Success In Football rather than using your club’s psychologist.

Because you are our client we are working solely on your behalf. No one, let alone your manager will know that you are engaged in mental coaching.

Our coaching skills are different to most other mental coaches and sports psychologists. In short we look at where you are now and where you want to be and focus on that rather than engage in a load of analysis of the past.

We understand the game and it’s culture. We understand what dressing rooms are like. Our team have all worked with or have even been professional footballers and nothing that goes on in and around the game can surprise us.

What We Don’t Do

  • We don’t work with addictions
  • We don’t work with clubs who require a report on our sessions with clients
  • We don’t work young players (under sixteen) unless it is part of a group session at a club or association