Personal Football Coaching Academy

Be all you can be

This is an exciting and unique opportunity for you if you are an ex-pro with an interest in the mental side of the game.

We have created a programme to help you to learn what we do and to enable you have a career in the game beyond the usual routes of becoming a football pundit in sports media or having to go into the uncertain and often underpaid world of football management.

On this programme we will teach you to be an outstanding personal coach, a first class public speaker and to use your existing football network to build a business in the game that you love.

Players who become your clients will learn:

  • The secret of confidence
  • How to maintain and regain form quickly
  • How to react well under pressure
  • To deal with the media in a positive way
  • To keep a balance at home while enjoying being a pro

…and much more

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