Personal Player Coaching

Dealing with challenges to help you perform brilliantly and enjoy your football

“I was playing for the club I supported as a boy. I was earning more that I could spend. I was a hero to thousands. I had everything. Yet every morning I would dread going to training. I just needed someone to help me enjoy it again.”

Over the years we have been credited with million pound transfers, with players playing the best football of their career and even with players moving to completely new countries. At Success In Football we are really proud of this. We are delighted to have helped people do more, achieve more and earn more BUT this is not the most important work that we do.

It is no surprise that the great performance can’t be separated from enjoyment of the game. Frankly I think the medi and fans myth of “it’s all about the money for modern players” is rubbish. Everyone in the game understands the fanancial factors but what isn’t mentioned is that players get into the game because they love it.

I believe you can’t be a professional footballer unless you enjoy playing. To be successful you have to enjoy training (most days.) I am know that the clients that I work with would be playing football somewhere at some level if it hadn’t become their job.

And that is were the our role becomes important. The most important thing that we do is to help players to keep enjoying the game despite the fact that it is their job. If we can help you to stay balanced and happy then performances and success will always follow.

We have supported players through:

  • Transfers that have taken them away from their family
  • Being stripped of the captaincy
  • Massive losses in form
  • Dealing with the pressure of international call ups
  • Recovery from long term injury
  • Coping with becoming a father for the first time
  • Fall outs with managers and chairmen

We aren’t a counseling service – we help you to deal with these challenges, perform brilliantly and enjoy your football.

Your next steps

We know you probably still have questions about working with us. So rather than just asking you to say yes now, email me direct to set up an initial introductory call you help you decide if this is for you.